SOS International – Helping people every single day

I samband med nomineringen intervjuar vi Annette Engmose, Executive Vice President, HR & Communication på SOS International:

What does the nomination for the Signum prize mean for you and your company?

We are very honored to be nominated for the Signum prize.

It demonstrates that SOS International is succeeding in establishing positive brand awareness and we believe it is a major recognition of our colleagues across the Nordics – both our skilled staff in the alarm centres as well as our colleagues and network partners in the field, who do a tremendous difference in helping people every single day.

It also reminds us of the importance to keep focus on continuously developing and strengthening our brand.

How would you describe the strength of your trademark management?

There are several strengths in our trademark management. One of them is that we methodically monitor the use of our brand worldwide. We have advisors who know us well and thus know when it is relevant to react to misuse of the SOS International brand and when it is not. It keeps us on our toes.

Another key strength is that the responsibility for the SOS International brand is split between three parties, who work closely together, so one hand knows what the other does. Our Head of Legal & ESG is legally responsible for protecting the brand, our Head of Marketing & Communication is responsible for the brand strategy and design and our Heads of Commercial in the business units are responsible for following the directions for use of the brand.

Are you concerned that your brand may be exposed to copying?

In our line of business, it is not easy to copy our brand just like that. We provide travel and roadside assistance as well as healthcare solutions, and our services are tightly linked to the insurance companies covering the expenses of the people who need assistance. However, what we do experience, from time to time, is that – due to the nature of “SOS” being a word with the meaning “a request for help”, – companies in other lines of businesses use the SOS word to communicate that they offer services to help their customers. When this happens our monitoring system picks it up, so we can decide whether to react on it.

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